It is said that the red light at a traffic signal lasts between 1.5 to 2 minutes, which is approximately 120 seconds. While this may not seem like a long time, a lot can happen within 2 minutes. And a lot certainly did happen when two teenagers, who were on their way to pick up a friend, spotted a beautiful girl in the back seat of a car. Neither of them anticipated their day to take such a drastic turn with the series of events that followed next.

The Teenagers

This story began in Dallas, Texas where two friends named, Aaron Arias, who is nineteen, and Jamal Harris, seventeen, experience a life-changing incident together. Aaron and Jamal have been friends for years now. They have been studying in the same school since junior high and were pretty close to each other. They had a regular life like any other teenager until that one unfortunate day.

Love For Cars

Apart from school Aaron and Jamal shared one thing they were both passionate about, and that was automotive, they loved cars and knew everything about them. Aaron had just passed his driving test and took Jamal out for drives every chance they got. It was one of their favorite things to do.

Helping Out A Friend

It was a cloudless Saturday morning, Jamal was just finishing up breakfast when he received a text from Aaron asking Jamal to accompany him on a drive to pick up their friend stuck at work. Aaron told him he will come over to pick him up in half an hour.

Ready To Roll

One essential for any drive was good music. Jamal was more of a rock n roll lover while Aaron loved the pop charts, but somehow they made it work. Jamal was busy picking out music for the drive when he heard a honk outside his front door. He dashed outside to find Aaron waiting for him. He jumped in the front seat and pretty soon they were on the road. 

Driving In Texas

It is said that driving in Texas is a way of life. If the destination is within the lines, people are driving to it. People barely use public transportation here. This also means that roads are mostly jammed with personal vehicles. To control this traffic, there are endless signals spread across the city. So before they know it, the boys come to a stop at a red light.

The Red Light

Aaron was tapping his fingers on the wheel, humming along to the tunes Jamal picked out. Jamal, on the other hand, was busy noticing the blonde in a black car next to theirs. She was dressed in a pretty dress, some minimal jewelry, her golden hair fell in ringlets on her shoulder. She was beautiful, no doubt, but there was something off about her.