This world is full of surprises, you never know what surprise you may get. Among all the surprises that surprise you the most is the nature of the people that change with time. You can never predict what is going inside a human mind. All you could do is, trust your gut feeling and remind yourself what is right and what is not. Here is a story of Mr. Vang, who lost his wallet somewhere. What happened next was so unpredictable. As the story unfolds, you could relate to the story and see if you landed up in the same situation.

The Vangs

Like any other married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Vang together form a perfect couple. Being perfect includes daily arguments and basic fights. Not only that, the only thing that binds them together was love. No matter how agitated they be on each other, they would end up saying a sorry and promise of not having any sort of argument again ever.

Life Journey

Life was not that easy for the couple. They had to go through many atrocities before they could share the same surname. Mr. Vang was a hardworking man and Melissa, popularly known as Mrs. Vang held his hand back when he had nothing. Their life journey experienced many ups and downs but what remained constant was their unbreakable bond.

In A Hurry

One day, Mr. Vang was getting late for his presentation. He thought it wise to skip the breakfast and fetched the keys of the car. He kissed his wife bye and rushed towards the porch area where he had parked his car. He opened the door, started the engine and drove to his office.

Grabbed The Deal

Mr. Vang had a lot of experience and knew how to crack a deal. The presentation turned out to be fruitful for Mr. vang as he was able to convince the other party to collaborate with their program which would ultimately bring on lots of profit to their company.

Treating Right

Grabbing the deal was not a piece of cake. Mr. Vang put on his maximum efforts to bring the best out of this deal. He did really a good job. Since he had skipped breakfast, he was starving hard. He thought of treating himself with a pizza. 

Payment Time

He ordered a double cheese pizza and made up his mind that he would not be sharing it with anyone. After deciding on the order, it was time for him to pay the bill for it. As soon as he touched his pocket to take out his wallet, his face went blue.