Obstacles On The Path

Yes, Savannah was curious but she knew it wouldn’t be easy for her to go and check on what this thing was. There were two big reasons behind it. Despite the reasons that were stopping her curious mind she was ready to go ahead. But what in the world can stop someone from checking what lies in a dustbin other than the hygiene?

Too Late For This

The first issue was that she was getting late. She was supposed to be home that morning and it was already past 7 in the evening. A night out lasted for way too long that even after the night was over and the next day was also about to end. Her mother was angry and wanted her to get home as quickly as possible. As if this wasn’t enough that there was the second obstacle on her way to knowing a disturbing truth.

Mother Can Wait

Savannah called her mother and said she dropped Ivy home and now she’ll be home in 30minutes as she got something on the way. Her mother who was already disappointed with Savannah’s irresponsible behavior questioned why was she taking so long? The answer was quite unexpected, Savannah said that something just happened and it might take her a bit longer to reach home. Her mother was surprised to see her daughter’s confidence.

What was it that made Savannah argue with her mother too?

Trust Me!

Savannah further added that her mother should trust her and that she’ll be telling the whole story once she reaches home. Her mother knew that Savannah never gives excuses and trusted her daughter. She hung up after telling her to take care and be home soon. With this one trouble ended between the teen and the discovery but the biggest trouble was yet to be accomplished.

Secured Building

Well, the second problem was that Savannah’s friend, Ivy lived in a typical posh apartment where nobody was allowed unless the guard’s certain about their identity. Savannah asked the guard to let her in but how could he? She didn’t live in that building after all. Savannah emphasized that she just dropped her friend who lived in the building right in front of the guard. But he denied for an obvious reason… What was this obvious reason anyway? Even Savannah wanted to know.

First Day At Work

She wasn’t supposed to get inside the building premises as she didn’t live there but she needed to check on what it was anyway. The guard told Savannah that it was his first day at this job and he cannot be lenient with anyone. So, will this stop the young teen from unraveling the truth that lied in that dumpster?