Curiosity is the sole reason why civilization is the way it is today.  When we walk out of our houses, every now and then there’s at least one thing that catches our attention. But how many times has it happened that while driving or walking down the lane something caught your eye, and it makes you stop then and there? Not a daily thing to happen, right?

When a 16-year-old noticed a crate, at least that’s what she thought it to be, he had a strong gut feeling that something wasn’t right and she went to take a look. Unaware that the later discovery will leave her with tears…

Girls’ Night Out

A couple of weeks after their exams were over, the girls deserved some time to chill and gossip about what was going on that summer. A bunch of teens was trying to convince their parents to allow them for a night out at their friend’s place whose parents weren’t home. After a lot of requests their parents finally gave up and the girls were granted a night of their own. Yes, with a list of restrictions. 

Permission Granted

Savannah Minter, a 16-year-old teen was all set for fun with her friends. She already had her mother’s permission for a night out at one of her friend’s place. So, the plan was to pick up her good friend, Ivy who lived in the nearby apartments and then go straight to their friend’s place whose parents were out of town.

A Night To Remember

In the month of July, it was one summer night when all these girls left not even a single reason to make it a memorable night. Their favorite movies, lots of popcorns, and more. Night outs are one important part of everyone’s childhood. One can never forget it unless suffering from amnesia of course. But little did Savannah know that she will be returning home with much more than her last night out experiences.

Day Started Late

Their night was sleepless with a couple of movies and gossips. The girls woke up past the afternoon that Sunday. The first thing they did was to call at their homes to tell where they have been all this time. After having an amazing time with her friends it was time to head home. Savannah and her friend Ivy were supposed to go home together. Savannah was going to drop Ivy on her way to home. 

Here You Go

Savannah dropped Ivy outside her apartment building where they stood for a while and talked before bidding bye. When she looked at Ivy entering her building, something strange caught her eyes at the corner of the building. It gave a spark to her curiosity and she wanted to know what it was… But why would she be so interested in whatever lied in the corner of the building???

A Dumpster

It was the dumping area that caught Savannah’s attention. She knew something about it was weird and she needed to get a closer look at it. Now you might be thinking that what was the big deal, she could have just gone inside to check, right?