Not A Sight She Expected

She held Camden tightly in her arms and entered the house. She switched on the lights and was shocked to see that everything was out of the place. Even in the kitchen there were used cookware in the sink and the whole place was smelling. Nancy found a place for Camden to sleep and tried her best to clean up some space around him. And while she was cleaning the room she found some piece of paper. She picked them up and started reading it. Though Camden told her about the situation this was something different entirely.

Sick Father

Camden told her about his father being sick for several weeks but after reading that piece of paper made her realize that this was not some sickness that could be cured. That piece of paper was actually a report of Camden’s father. She understood all the change in Camden’s behavior and was now more worried about him.
She heard a knock at the door and it was Camden’s father at the door. He was not looking well and she knew why? The reason for his sickness is not something which could easily be sorted out.

Father’s Health

Darreld Petersen 34-year-old father of Camden was sitting on the sofa on which his son was sleeping. Camden was awake from the knock and was smiling now that his father was at home. The last time Nancy saw him, he was in a good shape and healthy. He was trying hard to smile back while he was talking to his son, but Nancy saw the pain he was hiding from his son just to make sure that he doesn’t get extra worried.
When they saw Camden has slept again, the father told Nancy that he was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy. Nancy knew what all IgA nephropathy can do to a person’s health but Darreld’s condition was worse. Fortunately, things were about to change for everybody when an unexpected surprise fell on Darreld’s lap.

No! Camden

Nancy and Darreld both were busy talking and Camden was sleeping in the next room. They thought he was still sleeping but were shocked to see Camden standing in the kitchen who was weeping sitting on the floor. He heard it all. Darreld was very sad but he didn’t hide the truth anymore and told everything to his son. Camden was a brave kid, though he knew that things will become hard but he was ready and hugged his father tightly.

What Is IgA Nephropathy?

IgA nephropathy is a condition that takes effect when there is a drastic increase in the levels of antibody IgA(immunoglobulin) in our kidneys. And due to that, our kidneys starts malfunctioning with the process of tissue damage and inflammation.
Camden had no idea of this condition but just by looking at his father’s face he knew something was very wrong with him. He decided to provide all the support he could by staying strong as much he could. He was praying day and night to make his papa better and the god was listening to this little kid very sincerely.

Hospitalization And Kidney Transplant

It didn’t take long for Darreld’s condition to get worse and after a few months his kidneys started working abnormally and in 1 year he was struggling with full kidney failure. After his condition deteriorates further, he has admitted into a hospital in Manson City and the extreme process of dialysis treatment started after the day he was hospitalized. Camden could see in how much pain his father was and as he promised to his father he didn’t show any sign of fear or sadness. Little he knew, his father was getting worse and worse day after day and the only option left for him was a kidney transplant. But it wasn’t an easy process. But what came next was a shock to everybody and especially to Camden.