No Work
No Way

Since Viloria was fresh out of school, he did not have any work experience. He had never held a job before although this was not actually his choice. His mother did not want him to have a job. So far, he was only allowed to work for the neighbors, mow their lawn or paint their fences. Her only expectation was for him to finish school so that he could “build a decent life for himself.”

Not As Easy

His mother loved them so much and only wished for her kids to receive a proper education. She was working hard and barely had time for herself. Pedro could not shake the feeling of guilt since his mother was doing all she could just for his well-being. He could not let her provide for the family and also pay for all of his tuition. But getting a decent job was not an easy task.

Job Hunting
The Hunt Begins

Since his mother did not allow Viloria to work, he had no experience worth counting when it came down to jobs. He did not have an impressive resume. Since he was only allowed to do chores for his neighbors, the only jobs he could list were babysitting, painting, and gardening. He did not have qualifications, and his hobbies were reading and watching TV. However, he kept a positive spirit…

Not Saying Yes

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He did not want to focus on the negative points but was rather optimistic about his job hunting. He wore his ironed white shirt and began to look for jobs around Doral, Florida. The only thing that he was accompanied with was a briefcase that he had borrowed from one of their neighbors. The only response he ever received was “We’ll be in touch.” It was not happening for him just yet…

Unconventional Jobs
Odd Jobs

The other families that were also living in his neighborhood hired Viloria to work odd jobs. These included cleaning carpets, doing the dishes, and taking their dogs for walks. These jobs were certainly not helping him much as they only got him a couple of bucks. Soon he decided to give his siblings a treat. His mom was not about to have this and simply told him, “Don’t waste your money.”

Still Pushing It

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Since he was not one to back down on his ideas, Viloria did not want to save his money all to himself. He was adamant on giving his sibling a treat after he had saved up a sum of money. He became quite hard-headed on this topic. He also invited his mom to join them on her day off. None of them had a clue that this day would bring forth something that would be extremely difficult to forget.