A Hopeless Bride

The guests had run into their cars to escape the rain. Dulce and her family too rushed towards their cars and now they had been waiting for a good ten minutes but the weather was only getting worse. Dulce had given up hope but there was a savior who kept watching everything that happened and their intervention would soon give this event a major turn.

She Had To Do Something

Cynthia Strunk, a 67-year-old woman saw that the family had been desperately waiting in their car, hoping that the rain would stop. The woman was touched and felt heavily by what she just saw. She opened up her umbrella and headed straight towards the stranger’s cars to propose an idea.

Come To Our Place!

Gonzalez still remembers the exact words that this woman told them after approaching the car “just give me 10 minutes and I’ll have everything set up.” She was willing to offer her own house as an alternative to the present venue. In simpler words, the wedding ceremony would now take place at this woman’s house but then, this happened…

Tell Them To Come

Dulce further explained, “they started telling all of our family and friends to go into this woman’s driveway, even though we had no idea who she was.” While the family drove to the woman’s door, the neighbors came forward with umbrellas in their hands to help the guests. But wait, there’s more!

Personal Photographer

Cynthia Strunk, the house’s owner didn’t shy off from taking a dozen photos of the beautiful bride right before the ceremony! Surprisingly, Gonzalez wasn’t even aware of the woman’s name and he only learned it just minutes before the wedding was over. But what stunned the bride was her sight after she made her way into the living room.

A Perfect Room!

Dulce was simply surprised after seeing what the room looked like. Cynthia couldn’t have done any better in 10 minutes as the room was well prepared and everything was at its place. Moreover, dozens of chairs had been arranged and set up for more than 50 guests who were to attend the wedding. And to say the least, the room looked picture perfect.