The Beach Life

Shannon Strunk and Cynthia Strunk had spent almost 2 decades here in Pascagoula. They have been living here since the year 1999 and they have seen countless wedding ceremonies that took place on the beach. The old couple could see a couple of cars lined up at the beach and they immediately made a decision which would turn out to be fate changing.

A Dark Sky

Planning a wedding itself is a challenging task and you happen to plan it outdoors, it becomes even more difficult. I mean what could be more terrible than witnessing the sight of dark clouds getting closer to the path which leads to the altar. Disastrous, right? Unfortunately, a woman from Mississippi named Dulce Gonzalez who was 25 at the time would have to face the wrath of nature when her big day is ruined because of the rain. 

The Ceremony

The couple’s friends and family had gathered and just arrived at the beach to celebrate the big day by being there for Dulce and Ariel. However, they didn’t have any control over the weather as it started raining heavily just before the ceremony was about to begin. 

Dulce Was Heartbroken!

Dulce said” We were just sitting in the car praying for the rain to stop,” and that she was on the verge of having a breakdown. She exclaimed in an interview with a local news channel about how she had spent more than a month in planning her own wedding and what they got to witness at the moment was nothing but heartbreaking. 

The Forecast Was Favorable

It was a much awaited day and everything was well planned. It was supposed to be a sunny day with a perfect setting as the weather forecast had predicted that the odds of a downpour were only 10%. But can these weather predictions be really trusted given their history? 

Raining Cats And Dogs

Dulce’s big day was falling apart right in front of her eyes and there was absolutely nothing that she could do about it. It was a downpour and it certainly wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, so there was no point in waiting and hoping it for the rain to stop. Would Dulce not get married this very day? This story is not as ordinary and the best way to find out is to read further…