We all get excited when Christmas is around the corner. The vibes in the air itself are all different. And when it comes to exchanging gifts on the Christmas Eve, the festival gets even more thrilling. But just imagine a Christmas eve turning out to be the one having the potential to change the entire dynamics of your family?

What can be the gift which can be this devastating? And why would someone even prefer to gift something like this to their family member? This incident is from the life of a young boy James, whose mother freaked out when he presented the gifts to his siblings. Neither of them had ever known that a secret was hidden since long that was just about to unravel.

No No No

She was petrified. She had never thought that the night of celebration would turn into one of the darkest ones in her life. While her kids were excited to unwrap the gifts her son got for all of them, she was tensed. She did not wish that any of them finds out what was inside. But why?

Breathing Heavily

As she noticed that all her children got the same present and that too “that’, she felt like she lost breath. She was frightened that the secret she had been hiding all her life would come to life with this gift. What was she hiding since that long from her family?

The Hidden Past

She felt as if her world was falling apart. No one had ever got a glimpse of her dark past and with the things happening around, she knew a lot would be on the stake if something comes to the surface. Her family life will definitely take a sharp turn and all the happy faces and smiles will turn upside down.


James’ brothers and sisters were excited. They all were eager and wanted to know what their elder brother had got them. James handed over the present to his mom and dad as well. But the moment the couple realized what was there in it, they panicked. They did not wish that any of their children try it on.

Cool Idea

DNA kit was in trend then. It was being heavily advertised. And when James could not think of any other Christmas gift for his family, he thought it was the best idea to get them all DNA test kit. After all, they were a family, and with results of this test, they all can cherish their bloodline and togetherness. Christmas is a family time and it was a great idea to hold them all together. But was it really that good?

DNA Test Kit

While a lot of us are aware of the easy availability of pregnancy test kits, not many are aware that pharmacy shops even have these DIY DNA test kits as well. It is an easy way to know about your family ties and see how your genetic material is connected with each other. Little did James know not all ties are meant to come to the surface, some are better hidden.