Reality Check

cindy hill mark powerball lottery It is not that Cindy Hill was really looking forward to this lottery event and you wouldn’t believe that she even left these tickets in her car overnight, on the very day of their purchase. When she arrived home, her daughter started asking Cindy about the lottery tickets. Cindy tried to give her daughter a quick reality check as she replied:” nobody ever really wins those things.” How ironic, right! She was absolutely unaware that the words she just used to calm her daughter would become ironic after the lottery win.

Daily Routine

cindy hill missouri powerball lottery

The next day was turning out to be simply ordinary and there was nothing different in it as the family followed their daily routine. Cindy woke up early in the morning to drop her six-year-old daughter to the school but soon after she heard something that piqued her curiosity. The winning lottery ticket had been sold in their state, Missouri. She was intrigued by the fact, having said that, she wasn’t expecting anything grand. She headed straight towards the convenience store to take a look at the numbers which had been announced. To say the least, the tickets were worth only $10 and it wouldn’t be a big letdown if she lost which she expected the case to be.

An Astonishing Revelation

powerball lottery ticket

There was no way that Cindy Hill could sense it then, but as soon as she entered the shop, she was also entering into a new chapter of her life. After arriving at the convenience store, she saw something on the screen there that left her baffled. The numbers on the display board were identical to one of the five lottery tickets that she had bought earlier. By the looks of it, of thousands (if not millions) of people who participated in the Powerball lottery, this woman from a small town in Missouri was the lucky owner of the winning ticket.

Utter Disbelief

mark cindy hill missouri powerball lottery

Surprisingly enough, Cindy was initially skeptical and her first reaction was rather interesting. She was suspicious and thought to herself that the number on the display board and the number on the lottery ticket she had bought – simply couldn’t be the same. Her heart was still racing when she picked out her cell phone to call her mother-in-law and her husband for the verification process. Cindy Hill couldn’t believe her eyes and she was trembling with excitement. Everything was perfect with her eyes and she wasn’t the only person to benefit from this lottery win.

Collateral Benefits

cashiers convenience store missouri powerball lottery

The employees at the convenience store were more than excited for Cindy. They were all smiling, as one of the draw’s condition stated that the store selling the winning ticket would also receive $50,000 as reward money. The store showcased the receipts that proved them as the righteous beneficiaries of this Powerball lottery draw. Suddenly, a small family that struggled to pay their bills were going to be millionaires in a matter of days. however, the family needed to be extra cautious considering the fact that an estimated 70% of the lottery winners end up going bankrupt only after a few years of winning their lottery money.

The Drawbacks Of Fame

mark cindy hill missouri powerball lottery Although, the Hills won the lottery and it was nothing but a stroke of luck, managing this kind of money was going to take real skills and a thought out plan. With the amount of fame and publicity which would soon follow, people with malicious intentions could come forward as well. There were many out there who wouldn’t think once before taking advantage of the newfound wealth which the Hill family had acquired lately. They had to be extra cautious and to say the least, they had to spend that money carefully.