When you are driving you car and suddenly get stopped by a cop, what would be the emotions running through your body? Although you might not be guilty of anything, the mere fact that you have been made to stop by authorities would be enough to make anyone feel a little uneasy. Well, this mom was made to stop her car and checked by the police. What ended up happening was something nobody expected…

Bracing Herself
She Braced Herself

When she was called to stop by a cop, this lady started to panic a little. There was a lot of sweat dripping down her cheeks as she held on to the steering wheel. She knew the inevitable was coming but she could not help but feel a little scared and worried. After she stopped her car, she could see that the cop was slowly walking towards her car.

Rolling The Window Down

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And although she was incredibly stressed, she tried her best to keep her anxiety in check. She was going to have to deal with this anyhow so she could the thought of an escape was out of the question. Since she was already in trouble, she knew that there was nothing she could save or do in order to save herself. She opened the window and waited for the moment of truth. 

Trying To Stay Calm
Trying To Stay Cool

And so when the cop stood in front of her, she was incredibly nervous. She feel that her hands were shaking, but tried hard to keep the cop from seeing this. She knew that a shaky hand meant she was nervous, which would paint her in a negative light. It was a big struggle to try and keep her hands from shaking so much. She could also sense her heat beating faster and faster…

Even Her Mind

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And her racing heartbeat and shaky hands were not the only things she needed to handle. Even her brain was working at 1,000 miles a minute playing some other scenario. Her mind was racing so quick and she was wondering whether she would go to prison or not. She was scared to know how this would all turn out. She got a sense that she was in trouble but felt helpless…

A Brand New Life
A Brand New Life

So who is this lady going through such a stressful time? Well, her name is Ebony Rhodes. She had already been through some of the most difficult months of her whole entire life. She and her entire family had shifted to Atlanta, Georgia, after the death of her mom. She was raising her four kids, which meant that her whole life was for the well being of her children.

A Secret Keeper?

And she made the decision to move to Atlanta for a good reason. It was lucky for her because Atlanta was a place that provided her some great job offers. However, even though this was the case, Rhodes still had to face some facts. She was actually keeping a secret. This was only done for the well-being of her kids, but it was the time the truth finally slipped.