Raising a child might arguably be one of the toughest jobs one could ever face. A parent and a child would know the constant struggle that every day brings. Even for the case of Greg Wickherst who is a single father living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, raising his daughter Izzy is not an easy task. He has been doing his best to do whatever is in his power to raise his daughter the best possible. It comes with a lot of struggle and countless decisions that would shape her future…

Who Is He?

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This Greg Wickherst. He is a single dad who keeps one thing above all else. He has a very big priority. What is it, you ask? It is the duty of taking care of his lovely daughter, Izzy. He wants nothing more than to raise his baby girl in a loving home, with the best of his abilities and what he can offer. And to top all this off, Greg is actually looking after his daughter all by himself.

A Close Pair

And for single dad Greg the time he spends with Izzy is the best thing in the world. “My favorite part of the day is when I wake her up and get her out of bed and she’s still sleepy, so she nuzzles her face into my neck,” Greg expressed to interviewers when asked about the thing he likes to do most with his girl. It is clear from his statement that Izzy and he are a very close pair.

Anything For Her

As a father, his main concern is the well-being of his little girl. There is nothing in this world that he would not do for his little baby girl. Also since he is a single dad, there are so many obstacles he faces and has to deal with on a daily basis. He loves his daughter a lot and would do anything for her, but things are not always that easy for him.

What Really Matters

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There have been so many instances while raising Izzy that Greg feels he is incapable, but the love he has for his daughter always keeps him going. And he does not hide that fact that it can get pretty difficult at times. But there is always something that drives him to do his best. What might that be? Well, seeing Izzy smile is the only reward he could ever wish for and it keeps him going…

A Hands-On Father

When we think of single parents, it is common for most of us to imagine a woman. We usually see that the mother takes charge of the child when the other parents cannot or fails to be there. And since Greg is indeed a loving and hands-on parent, he did not want to leave the care of his child in another person’s hands. He had made it his own mission to take care of one challenge he was facing…

The Big Challenge

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We know that there are countless obstacles one must face as a parent while dealing with kids. There are major issues and there are minor issues. What Greg was facing was something that was not a serious issue, but one he had to take care of nonetheless. Since he was a man, he was never exposed to hair and how people style it. So styling Izzy’s hair in the morning was a big challenge for him.