This story is of an old couple from the Netherlands who spent their entire life, guarding a secret. The secret was kept in a red and rusty suitcase. The couple namely, Barend and Mimi had three children and surprisingly none of them knew what was inside that suitcase. Every time they would ask their parents, they would dodge the question or even scold them. The suitcase was not meant to be opened. Though the siblings stayed away from the suitcase, they were very curious to know what it held. And finally, one day they did open it.

The Suitcase

André Beurs Story

We all use suitcases while journeying from one place to another. But how many of us use it to keep a long-hidden secret? This couple Barend Boers and Mimi Dwinger, from Netherland, had the darkest part of their lives concealed inside an old rusty suitcase. The couple had three children who grew up to be responsible and polite. 

Idol Parents

No doubt, the couple had given all the good attributes to their children. However, they never gave them the key to the suitcase that was lying in the storeroom for decades. No one could have ever imagined that the couple who looked so close and warm from outside was all about secrets from inside.

Not A Word

Surprisingly, the couple never talked about the suitcase with their kids too. It was strange as people usually share their secrets and heritage with their children but the man or the woman never mentioned the suitcase to them, let alone giving them the key. They had found the suitcase on their own. And when they lastly asked about the suitcase to their parents, the couple…….    


Well, it was not an expected question. The panic on their face was clear. And then instead of replying to their questions, the couple scolded them and told them not to touch the suitcase ever again. They never asked about the suitcase. However, the fear on the face of their parents had triggered curiosity among them.  

Natural Curiosity

André Beurs Story

It is not that the couple was of a conservative mindset. In fact, they never stopped their children from taking their own decisions. They just had made one rule for them which was not to unlock the suitcase ever.   

Respecting Their Wishes

André Beurs Story

The kids too abide by the rules. They never forced their parents to tell them about the suitcase and the mysterious thing held inside it. However, it does not mean they did not want to know. They would get the opportunity to open it up but not so soon.