Losing a parent can cause psychological trauma which can take a long period to heal. Some might even argue, the pain never completely goes away. But losing both of them together can succumb you to a kind of grief that can truly envelop you. Damon and Leanne were two such unfortunate people who had to learn to exist in a world where their parents didn’t. After the funeral, the siblings were left with the grievous task of cleaning out and selling their parents’ house in Greater London. They were aware of the fact that it will be a sensitive experience but what followed next was something neither of the two could have seen coming.

Packing Up A Lifetime

It was a gloomy day in Pinner, a town in Greater London. Damon and Leanne were standing in front of their late parents’ house. Both of them want the other person to step in first. They have been putting this off for weeks now. Neither of them was up for the task of cleaning out their childhood home. But it had to be done, as the house was to be put up for sale.

Count On Me

The only thing that made this difficult task slightly easier was the fact that they had each other. Neither of them was going to have to do this alone. It had been more than a week since the funeral. It took them all this time to gather up the courage and finally do this. They knew it was going to be difficult for them but at least they could count on each other to be strong.

House Of Memories

After what felt like hours, Damon and Leanne finally entered the house. It was welcoming, from the open front door to the wide hallway. The walls were covered with their photographs, the first day of school, graduation, weekend picnics. The floor was carpeted a dusty brown color, the same one Leanne and her mother picked out all those years ago. They let their eyes wander around for a bit, soaking it all in. This house was made of love.

Getting Started

They decided to work by separating their tasks. Leanne got started with the downstairs area, which included the living room and the kitchen, while Damon took the upstairs area, which included the bedrooms and the attic. Leanne was trying to keep it together but Damon could tell she was struggling. Going through their parents’ belongings was not easy for either one of them. Every little item was bringing back a rush of memories.

The Attic

Damon was emotionally drained by the time he was done with their parents’ bedrooms. Handling their belongings took a lot out of him. He took a moment to collect himself and then began to make his way to the attic, climbing up those wooden stairs, one painfully slow step at a time.

The Discovery

The attic was clear and clean, the light was pouring in from an arched ceiling. It was like a cave of wonders, filled with mysterious boxes. Damon took a deep breath and began putting things away. He began rooting through the boxes, trying to organize them. He discovered a bunch of things, an old crockery set, a box full of old mismatched shoes, clothes, books, and many strange items.