A unique affliction

Dr. Najjar’s diagnosis finally turned out to be the correct one for Susannah’s ailing self. He diagnosed her with Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, a condition that causes the immune system’s antibodies to attack the brain.

He saved her in the nick of time

Susannah’s case was an entirely different one than what she had been diagnosed with. It was a shocking revelation to everyone involved. If Dr. Najjar hadn’t followed his instincts and intervened, Susannah could have seriously fallen ill. If left untreated, she could’ve died.

On the road to recovery

And just in the nick of time, she received appropriate treatment. And almost like it was magic, she began to get better. She was on a successful road to recovery, and she was well and discharged out of the hospital in just a month.

She wrote a book about her experience

Finally recovered, Susannah was once again back to her normal healthy self no less than a month later since she started getting the right treatment for her condition. Susannah went on to write a book detailing her experience. She aims to help others dealing with similar conditions through her book.

Speaking to the public about it

After getting cured, Susannah started speaking to groups about her experience with the illness. Her openness about the topic might save the lives of others suffering from other various untreated brain traumas.

She was truly lucky

Susannah realizes she was truly lucky in receiving her diagnosis and treatment in time. She’s not part of the scary statistic of 15% who recover but suffer severe cognitive deficits, or even the 20% who suffer mild ones.