Annie and Joby could sense that something wasn’t right, they paid a visit to the hospital to get themselves examined. The doctors ran a couple of tests and later concluded the reason for the couple’s inability to conceive. They were having trouble conceiving because Annie was infertile. The news broke their heart, now that they wanted to bear kids, the odds seemed against them.

Medical Attention

The couple initially opted for medication, later seeking IVF treatment twice, but Annie was never tested positive for pregnancy. They were stubborn in their efforts, but they would only learn by trial-and-error, that bringing forth a kid, which comes as easy to others was going to take a toll on them.

Four Years Of Disappointment

It seemed like having kids of their own wasn’t in Annie’s and Joby’s fate. They had been trying different methods over the past four years but the results were always negative. With every failed method including- IVF, artificial insemination and even surgery, they were losing hope and there came a time when they were on the verge of giving up.

A Dream Shattered

Annie and Joby were gutted to know that they couldn’t bear a child because of Annie’s infertility. Their life was in shambles as they have always wanted to share a child of their own, but now it seemed rather unlikely. But as they say, “it ain’t over, till it’s over” and the family continued contemplating ways to keep their dream alive.


When it appeared that the couple couldn’t conceive, there came a time when they considered adopting a child. Adoption is a long and tedious process, it requires a lot of paperwork and is time-consuming. It takes 2-7 years to complete the process and bring the child to the family. While Annie and Joby were considering their options, an opportunity knocked on their door.

Ray Of Hope

But there was still a ray of hope left that could bring light to their life, and so it happened, their life took a 180 when a special someone came to their rescue. Annie’s older sister, Chrissy came to her rescue and made a selfless offer.