Parenthood is undoubtedly a blessing that mother nature has bestowed upon us. At a certain age, every individual dreams of starting their own family. From holding their toddlers’ fingers and teaching them to walk, to driving their infants to soccer practice, p.s. sports is not to be forced. There’s a lot to this experience of a lifetime that develops an individual’s character through parenting.

This is the story of a married couple from Ohio, and how their dream of bringing forth a child seemed nearly impossible. When about to give up, doctors came up with a news that turned their world upside-down.

Family Desires

Bringing forth a child and is a dream that a couple cherishes together and at a certain point in life every couple looks forward to fostering this dream. A newborn certainly adds up colors to a parent’s life. Though bringing up kids is not as easy, it is a bliss that one gets to experience only by becoming a parent. But in this sweet journey, there are often setbacks…


Starting a family is nothing less than a challenge in the present day scenario. While some couples plan everything beforehand, waiting for the right time, others go with the flow and dive right into the experience. No matter what one’s plans are, the only thing to expect from life is that it’s unexpected. The modern day lifestyle that includes hectic workload and stress can often lead to problems such as infertility or having a difficulty in conceiving when one least expects it.

Long Time Friends

Raised in the city of Ohio, Johnston and Joby bumped into each other during their college days. They both happened to attend the Ohio University and that is when the fling began. They came from the same background, knew each other well enough, had the same aspirations in life, the two lovebirds were inseparable. After scoring their degrees, they decided to tie the knot.

Career First, Children Second

After getting married in 2005, Annie and Joby were in no hurry to start a family of their own. They thought it would be wiser to let their careers be their first priority for a while. They knew the struggles of life and wanted to make sure they were in a position to provide their future kids with a better life.


They planned every little step in life, after 3 years of hustle that led them to enormous professional success, they were now ready to work on their personal lives and decided to bear a kid. But in their case, it wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounds.

No Good News

They started planning their family in 2008, unaware of the problems they would bump into. While they were desperate to hear the good news, it didn’t occur to anyone that something wasn’t right. And how could they, They were both physically fit and were at the peak of their youth. Time went by, and when they didn’t get the good news, the couple decided to get themselves examined.