Let’s Get Started!

Playboy started my life. It started all three of our lives. I would never change it for the world. It created the journey that we’re still on. It’s an amazing experience that I will never give up,” Erica Dahm said in an interview. This was just the beginning of their success story.

Everything Togetherdahm Triplets

The Dahm Triplets were always seen doing everything together, wearing similar clothes, having the same group of friends and they even admit the fact that togetherness is their strength and that’s how they agreed to get the shoot done for the Playboy magazine. They were quite sure that if they were not together during the photo shoot they would not be able to do it with so much perfection. 

Missing Individuality!

As they’ve been doing everything all together, it was difficult for them to have the uniqueness which most of us adore and due to their strong bond they rarely ever got a chance to do things separately. Besides this, they appreciate their bond and seem to be happy about their trio, that’s a special link only triplets can understand.

Next Steps

Now was the time for the biggest step of their lives, they knew that Playboy edition was a huge success and that they were getting many more offers now from different modeling scouts. But this would come at the cost of dropping out of their college, ie, leaving their nursing course behind.

LA Here We Come

They were ready to go ahead as they were together on this turning point of their lives. Soon after they decided to drop out of their nursing school, they moved to Los Angeles to look for more opportunities. Their lives were nowhere similar to the rest of the strugglers in town.

Tons Of Offers

The Dahm Triplets were now in LA and were receiving lots of offers for many popular projects, they were overwhelmed by looking at the great response they were receiving everywhere they were going. Soon came a bigger opportunity for them, bigger than their modeling shoots.