The ecological society held a bio-blitz in the sanctuary. In Bioblitz, a group of scientists holds an intense biological study that runs for a very short span of time. Nowadays, this type of research is very much in trend and is quite easy as well in order to make people aware of the biodiversity prevailing in Stanley Park. 

Something Strange

The team finally descended into the shallow water of the lagoon. The water seemed clear. However, they continued searching into the water. And it was then they reached the marshy areas of the lake. There was something very strange lurking behind the bushes.   

Had To Double Take

Some of the participants got surprised when their eyes caught a sight of a strange blob hiding behind the marsh regions of the lake. At first, they could not understand what is it. In the lack of any knowledge, they thought of it as a ball of mud. But it was something very different. 


Stanley Park Ecology Society’s spokesperson called the creature, “three-day-old Jello.” It was tight and gelatinous both at the same time. Not only that, but the living thing also looked like a chunk of goo. It looked very weird.

Natural Habitat

It was indeed a big discovery for the team as catching a single sight of these jelly-like creatures even in their natural habitat is quite rare. And here they managed to spot one when they were expecting the least and at a place which is not even their natural habitat. The biologist called it a great discovery. 

A Rare Find

As creatures of these kinds are rarely found, the team soon took out their camera to record it. They knew their discovery was going to cause a ripple in the world of science. They took as many pictures as they could. Due to their color, the creature has the ability to get blend into their natural surroundings.