You never know what your life could bring along. But as said, you would be getting served by the good at the right time and the right moment. All you got to do is wait for your turn to come. No matter how messed up your life is, you are really going to be treated by life in a good way for at least once in your lifetime. Here is a story that would show that good times ultimately come to those who wait. To add on, you should be aware of your self worth and you should stand tall no matter how hard your life is going on.

Teenage And Cindy

Many people believe that teenagers are quite rude and arrogant but this is not true in every case. Some of the teenagers had to go through a lot during their childhood and it is the circumstances that make a person what they portray themselves to the real world. Cindy was one of those kids who was a victim of the situation.

Hard Childhood

Cindy, unlike any other teenage kid, carried the baggage of her past and kept on dragging that with the present time. She had to face hardships from the very beginning. As a kid, she was abandoned by Sally, her mother and never got to feel what motherly affection is. When she came into senses with her growing age, she realized that the only place she was being accepted was an orphanage. 


Cindy did nothing but wandered house to house under the supervision of foster parents who kept on changing every time she switched home. All she knew was that she belonged nowhere and this made her question her own existence. This was something serious that was discovered by no one.

No Affection

Since Cindy was shifted home to home precisely eight times before, she lost her ability to get attached to people. She considered herself lonely and cursed herself for being an orphan. She always wanted a family to live with. Although she was given families, but, as she started developing attachment, she was then shifted somewhere other which made her feel worthless.

A New House

The little girl was going to meet her new foster parents which was supposedly her ninth house in the span of her 12 years. She had no excitement left in her and, like a dead leaf, she was going along with the wind. Cindy was a rebellious kid when she saw something inequitable being served to anyone, but for herself, she never took a stand. Therefore, she agreed on going to her new house.


Cindy was known for her rebellious nature. Before leaving for the house, she was taught decency and the appropriate manner to behave in front of her new parents. She didn’t want to get rejected; hence, she agreed on this as well.