Kept Visiting

Officer Matthew was really attached to Ajax. After his retirement, he kept visiting his partner and their bond was something to watch. But as Ajax was still active on duty there was time Matthew had to return home without even meeting him. Still, he kept visiting his partner and whenever he was not his job they both could be seen spending time with each other. Other officers loved watching them together and everybody wished that they could be together once again. 

They Helped

Everybody in the department knew about the situation Matthew was in. The new handler of Ajax was a good policeman and very helpful. Though he couldn’t do much as he was new in the department, he still, managed time to take Ajax to Matthew’s place whenever he was around the neighborhood. Ajax was so attached to Matthew that the moment he was in the neighborhood he could sense Matthew’s presence and the new handler could see that on Ajax’s face and he even told Matthew about it. There were tears in Matthew’s eyes and now he was more determined to bring Ajax home at any cost before the city did what they were planning to do with his partner.

Talking To The Lawyers

Matthew was no very determined to bring Ajax home. He contacted several lawyers to find out if there was any way to bring Ajax into his life. After reviewing his case, the lawyers weren’t able to find a single way of doing that. Saddened he was home, resting on his chair he was missing his partner who might still be working and he wasn’t there to take care of him. What if something happens to him while on a duty? Thoughts like these kept coming to him. With tears rolling from his eyes, he stood up from his chair. It was time to take some action before the city did something terrible to Ajax.

Talking To Seniors

After spending several sleepless nights, Matthew was ready to take some action. When even the lawyers had no clue about the process he decided to talk to the officials. After making an appointment with the chief of the department, he went inside. He told him everything about his wish to purchase his partner from the city. Matthew was very vulnerable at that very moment when he was speaking his heart out but he was even more shocked when the chief said, I am really sorry, there is nothing he could do. Those words broke something inside Matthew. Unable to stand he sat there for a minute, gathering all his energy, he moved out of the office, promised himself he won’t even come back to this department.

Told The Tale

After Matthew decided that he won’t be going back to the department which meant he won’t be able to see Ajax anymore, he called the new handler if he could spare some of his time and bring Ajax to his place. The new handler was more than happy to take Ajax at Matthew’s place. The new handler was standing in front of Matthew’s house with Ajax and the moment Ajax saw him he ran towards Matthew. After hearing Matthew’s meeting with the senior the new handler said that he will make sure to bring Ajax whenever he could. Matthew was really happy to hear that and spent some quality time with Ajax even though it was not very long, still, he was happy. Then something happened…

Nowhere To Be Seen

The new handler of Ajax told Matthew that he would bring the dog whenever he is around but it was almost a week now and there was no sign of Ajax and his new handler. Matthew promised himself that he won’t be going back to the department and now all he could do was wait. Struggling with all kinds of negative thoughts he wasn’t able to deal with negativity.