Kathy Grayson

So after being listed on the site to find a loving home for poor Jasper, the employees at the shelter were crossing their fingers. They were very nervous because they knew how difficult it was for his previous owner to get him to be bought. But lucky for Jasper, a woman by the name Kathy Grayson found him on “Petfinder” and was automatically drawn to him.

Calling The Shelter

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And so after reading about his story and looking through his pictures, Kathy was not affected by his size. And she, without any doubt knew that she wanted to adopt Jasper and she made a phone call to the shelter and asked them to immediately prepare the adoption papers. You will now believe what happened next to Jasper. What would become of the two?

Bath Time

So after telling the shelter to get all the paperwork done, Kathy finally met the puppy. She did not have any change of plans and was immediately sure that this dog was meant for her. And after taking care of the legal documents, she could finally bring the little pupper to her home in New York. And after this, the next thing she did was give little Jasper a warm bath.

With His New Owner

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And so, after being left at a shelter that could not really provide him with what he needed, little Jasper ended up being adopted by a woman who loved dogs. And although Jasper did not like to take baths, he was now all spic and span. He was officially ready to begin a brand-new life alongside his new owner, Kathy. And what followed soon after was simply amazing…

Puppy Eyes

Jasper went from being a dog that caused such a nuisance to his previous dog breeder owner to a newly adopted dog. So how did his relationship with Kathy go? Well, it is safe to say that the two were a match made in heaven. She has never been happier to own such a wonderful dog. Looking at these little puppy eyes, who can even blame her?

A New Name

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And so since the little puppy had been through so many negative experiences, Kathy wanted to make sure he understood that this was all in his past now. So Kathy was adamant on helping Jasper build a new life and she decided to rename him. She changed it to Bertram, Bert for short. And so did Bert fit in well in the new home? Let us see…