Leaving It

The neighbors did not want to intervene. Just when people began to forget about it, smell emerged once again. All the neighbors came together and discussed it. Now there was no doubt that the smell was coming out of that house only. There was only one way to find out. They unanimously decided to call the police.      

Neighbors Report It

The neighbors did not waste time in reporting. They told the officer all about that strange smell and how was it troubling all of them. The police knew exactly what was inside the house. They had investigated many reports that began with a smell and ended on a tragic note. 

To The House

Police headed to that specific home. They took some of the locals with them so that hey could guide the officers around the home. There was something really unexpected waiting for them. Though they were going inside with an assumption, they were about to meet something really odd.     

No Idea What They’d Find

The police too had made all its preparation. It wasn’t going inside all alone. Who knew what was there inside. In order to avoid any chaos, they decided to take a team of experts along with them in the house. The team consisted of a medical examiner, an expert of wildlife, and many others.   

Soary And Colleagues

Soary Randrianjafizanaka was a member of the wildlife committee. The committee she was working in was often called by the authorities whenever any case related to the foul smell used to get reported. The woman is the agency’s regional head. When she heard about the case, she herself went to the spot with her colleagues. 

The Home

Additionally, that home was in her region too. She had many assumptions in her mind but none of them was any closer to what she was going to find inside. She hoped to find an alive animal but that seemed impossible as alive animals do not give out so strong smell.