Madagascar is famously known for its vitality in nature. But this story is not about that. This is about a house that reeks of a foul stench. And when neighbors report to the authorities a chain of unbelievable events occur. The officers find a moving floor inside the house. And the reason behind it is unbelievable!


The incident took place in Madagascar. You probably have watched that famous movie going by the same name. No need to say, the place is occupied with lots of wildlife. But it would be misleading to say that lions and zebras do talk there. 


A house in Madagascar was hiding something unbelievable inside it. Surprisingly no one could get wind of it. The house looked all empty from outside but who knew what was going on inside?         

A Vacant Home

The supposedly vacant home was giving out a weird smell. They thought that the place was vacant for a very long time but the truth was far from that. Soon, the smell became stronger. It became so pungent that neighbors began to feel suffocated. How could all of a sudden a smell come from a house that had never seen a human in decades? It was strange!

Neighbors Suspicious

First, they ignored it assuming that the smell was coming from somewhere else. Soon they realized that ignoring it was not an option. There was no doubt, the smell was coming out of that very house. Everyone wondered how terribly the house would be smelling like when the smell is so strong where they were. 

What Was It

Surprisingly, many people would come and go from the house. Especially, since the time the smell had begun to come. What struck the neighbors, even more, was the fact that none of the visitors would stay there for long. What was so important in the house that the visitors would go inside it despite the foul smell? Or was it the source of smell they were after?   

Time Goes On

However, the smell faded away after a while. The neighbors got busy in their day to day life. It seemed everything was back on the track. The vacant home once again got faded into ignorance. But that was not for long.