We all know that it is never wise to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the cover is all that we see. Hence, it gets tricky to not judge someone by their looks. We have all met someone or the other who did not turn out to be so, based on our first impression. When we encounter a person who is garbed in fine jewelry and designer clothes, it is fairly easy to assume what kind of person they are. However, they can sometimes surprise, just like this college student right here…

First Impression

Christine Jiaxin Lee Story

Meet Christine. If you meet her you could quickly guess what type of person she is. People had a lot of opinions and had a lot to say about Christine’s lifestyle. She could not blame them because of the way she presented herself. However, there was a deep dark criminal secret that she was keeping from others and this ended up becoming an obstacle in her life…

Living THE Life

Christine Jiaxin Lee Story
As we all know clothing and the way we choose to dress has become the first thing we notice about anyone around us. Since this is so, it was fair that everyone in Christine’s college was labeling her to be the type of girl who was sort of fashionista around the campus. Since she always dressed up and looked nice every day, her peers looked at her as someone who only loves fashion.

Living In Designer Wear

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If you saw her, you would definitely be with this train of people who thought Christine was a materialistic classmate. And to be honest, she did seem to be that way. She would often attend her classes, putting on her Christian Louboutin heels, carrying the top notch designer handbags, and she even used a Moschino case on her smartphone. The Hermes Birkin bag she bought was retailed at $1,500.

In A Day…

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Since Christine was still in college, everyone around her thought it was a little unnecessary for her to spend all of this money on irrelevant stuff. It was also quite unusual that a college student was able to spend so much on something like a purse. Even though her spending was questioned a lot, her friends assumed that she was in fact, bankrolled by her uber-wealthy parents.

A Secret!

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For a college kid to be able to pay for her tuition fees and still manage to buy herself all of the luxury goods, it was clear that Christine’s family had a lot in the bank. She must have received a hefty allowance because one time, she went inside a Christian Dior shop in Sydney, spending more than $220,000 there. As you may have guessed, she really did have a secret!

Sydney Student

Christine Jiaxin Lee Story
Christine, although appears to be a spoiled girl, has a few characteristics that people should aspire to attain. For a girl who was just 21 years old, she had already paved her way into her college career. She was all the way from Malaysia but Christine had moved thousands of miles away to Australia. She came to the outback to pursue her studies in Chemical Engineering at Sydney University.