“Old is Gold”. You might have come across this phrase many times in life and if not, soon you’ll be getting to hear it and it is for sure one of your friends or family member would be using this phrase some years later. Talking about “old” or “antique”, memories play a foremost role as a person the mentions it. Moreover, an actual treasure is the memories that a person once lived. What if a person got to re-live an incident in the same life? That would be more worthy than any of the treasures present on this Earth…


A former school building was dilapidated when the concept of new and smart studies came into being. Students preferred to study in a school where the latest methods of teachings were used, hence, the conventional schools faced a drastic loss. One of those conventional school was Centralia High School, that experienced an abrupt shutdown.

For Sale

Since the school was not active anymore, the owners thought of selling it so that they could earn enough money. The school held a good reputation back then, but now, the school looked more like a haunted building with zero rush and lots of rumors spreading down the town. This acted as a reason for its owners to sell the school building.


A great deal was set! The owners managed to sell the building to someone responsible. The authority made out a huge sum of money but little did they know they would miss a chance to explore their property and fetch something worth discovering.

The Pastor

A pastor named Seth Baltzell for the City Hope Church (CHC), on his social media page revealed that his life goal is “to change the world; that’s all.” The owning of that old school building was a part of the plan, hence, he inquired about its owner and felt lucky on knowing that the property was on sale.

The Change

The CHC found the selling price of the building to be affordable hence thought of purchasing it. The school building was being planned to be used in a different way, through which the rush could be brought back. The pastor planned to make it the site of CHC’s community center and church.

Untold Story

The classrooms of Centralia High School which used to be buzzing with murmurs back then in the 1940s now were being echoed because of the emptiness. The dusty tables and chairs showcased their own melancholic story, the blackboards craved for the touch of the chalk and the shelves cried to an extent that they got swollen. One could feel a pang of sadness entering a classroom that once used to be cheerful.