Hollie, Halice, and Haley were young and still in their teens, Heather had been married and lived at a different place. But that did not stop her from being a part of the plan. Her sisters contacted her and told her what they had planned, and she came running to her home to see what her younger sisters were actually up to.

All Ready

The sisters decided not to tell their parents about Heather coming over to the house, in order to not give away any hint of the plans that they had made. The couple was all set to leave for the vacation on one side, and the sisters were ready to set their plan into action on the other side. 

The Set-Up

Since Hollie was the mastermind behind the plan, she had decided upon something. She wanted whatever they would do for these seven days to be recorded and therefore she asked Haley to set up a camera in the house. 


The camera had been set up, and the girls were then unaware that their decision of setting up the camera and recording their plan would make them famous. They had planned something huge which had many layers to it, making it one of the biggest things of their lives. 

In Action

As soon as Karen and Chip were out of the house, the girls sprang into action. They had decided to make this week the most memorable week to date. They also knew that what they had decided upon was not going to be easy, but they wanted to give it a shot. 


Hollie loved being in front of the camera, and she was so excited to bring the plan into action. Haley, on the other hand, was camera shy and was comfortable being behind it. But after what they had planned, they were all going to be super-famous and their faces would be known by all the people who would see their video.