Way is an ordinary stray dog with an extraordinary life story. She was born as a stray but got adopted by a man, thanks to her cuteness. Soon she became the mother of a litter of pups and devoted her life to looking after her pups. She would roam around the area in noon in search of food and would come back to her in order to feed them. But one day she did not return. Her owner set off the home in order to find her but she was nowhere to be found. Then someone suggested him to look for her in a nearby field. He went there with a heavy heart and what he found there was beyond his imagination!

Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Alejandra Griffa, a local resident was in her home when she heard a muffled cry coming from outside. Initially, she ignored but soon realized that something was not right as the cry did not stop for a second. She gathered that the cry was coming from a field in front of her building as she looked through the window. She made her way towards the place. There was indeed something going on in the field and what he saw made her jaw drop. 

Living In Misery

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. They are loyal, cute and true companions of humans. But same can’t be said about humans. Many of those who get home are forced to face the brutality of their owner and those who do not get any has to face the inclemency of nature. Way is a stray dog who spent most of her life in the slum. The full-grown dog was well-acquainted with the hardships that life throws on someone. 

Life Of Way

This story is about Way who used to live with her owner in a deprived town of Buenos Aires, Argentina. All they have in the name of the house is a pile of shacks made of wood and metal craps. The passages are dirt-made that also does the job of separating the homes that looks like huts.

Not Safe

The improper construction and poverty make the people and their homes vulnerable to crimes. The area is all cramped with houses that makes it difficult for them to go through the area. Hence, the area has no protection at all. 

Four-Legged Protection

Four-Legged Protection

Shanty towns of this sort are quite unpredictable. There is no demarcation. As the rate of poverty is so high in the area that most of the families have one or two criminals among them. And those families who don’t have any criminals among them are the one who lives in the threat all the time. Cops don’t like to enter these areas as they are not only congested but are extremely unhygienic too. 

Hub Of Crimes

No need to say that the crime rate increased here by leaps and bounds as it remained ignored by the authorities for a long time. The crime rate increased so rapidly in the area that the authorities had to implement a 24-hour policing system. Unfortunately, the deplorable condition of the residents remained the same. People were still struggling to get food. Among all these bad things there was someone who had won every individual’s heart.