Call them Rodents or call them hamsters, they are not just furry animals but can lift anyone’s mood up with their funny smile. These creatures are much more than cute, they are smart and intelligent. People who pet hamsters will always agree with what we have just said. These little animals love to eat and we love to watch them eat. Generally, it is said the smaller the pet the easier it is but bringing a rodent home is completely different. These days people prefer them as a good choice for kids. But hamsters are not too comfortable in small hands.

This story is of a hamster who surprised not only its owners but everyone who saw the video. He took his love for food to a different level. This video went viral and people admired this little rodent who was not ready to get its teeth chipped and was doing it on purpose.


We are not talking about a first timer but a person who has been petting these rodents for most of his life, Tanken. His youtube page if full of videos of the rodents he has. He knows how to take care of these creatures as he is a pro in it. Some people develop a keen interest in a specific species and always work for them, just like Tanken who feels these rodents are an important part of his life. But the video we are talking about became an interesting topic for the local news channels as well. 

Ever-Growing Teeth

A rodent’s teeth never stop growing and that’s why clipping those teeth before it starts to hurt the poor little creature is a mandatory thing to do. But it is not a simple task. Hamsters can have mood swings too and can be stubborn at times. Anyway, one cannot expect an animal to stay calm while its hooman tries to hold them and cut their teeth. This was the reason why Tanken was going to make this video…

In An Effort To Educate

What Tanken was trying to do was to teach people about how to clip a rodent’s teeth without harming it. This is something most of the hamster’s owners do wrong. So he was planning to keep his camera steady and then cut its hamster’s teeth just to guide the viewers of the video once he uploads it on youtube. Well, it wasn’t going to be that easy. 

Ham For Hamsters

Tanken says in his Youtube videos, “there is no other creature that gives more healing than a hamster.” Trust us when we say he is quite famous at least in Japan, his home country thanks to the amazing videos he shares from time to time on youtube. After keeping these hamsters as a pet for more than 25 years, there’s a significant reason that he started this Youtube channel.

A Dearth Of Knowledge

25 years back when Tanken adopted his first pair of Hamsters, he had so many questions but no exact answers. What will be the best food options for them? How to know when they fall ill? How to keep them healthy? What precautions must one take? He knew nothing much about hamsters just the fact that they are so adorable that he can’t resist bringing them home.

Vets Too

That’s when he realized that the local vets were also not much aware of Hamsters. They were experts in case of dogs and cats but very rarely he could locate a vet who was familiar with Hamster care and treatments. Tanken learned most of the things about these animals after making mistakes. Even today it becomes a little challenging to find someone who is an expert when it comes to hamsters.