Friend Request

Dan surfed the Facebook website to meet new people and expand his friend circle. He would go through various profiles and search for people from different regions. While going through some of his friends profile one day, Dan came across the bio of a girl named Daphne. They both had mutual friends. Because of this common friend circle amongst them, he sent her a message. Daphne was confused to receive one from him and did not revert. While going even more into the details of Daphne’s profile, Dan came across someone beautiful.

Wendy’s Profile

Dan came across one of Daphne’s Friend named Wendy Joseph. Wendy was one of the rarest ones who was effortlessly beautiful and shined in her skin. Dan went through all her pictures and was smitten at them. Dan could not resist himself from knowing more about the girl and decides to message her as well. At that time Wendy was careful about strangers on the new website and she too did not reply back to Dan. Rather she discussed the incident with Daphne.


Pertaining to the norms of friendship, Daphne informs Wendy that Dan had sent her a message as well. This made Wendy even surer to not message Dan back. Surprisingly, Dan messages Wendy again after a few weeks. This time  Wendy became intrigued and went through Dan’s profile and realized that he knew some of her high school friends. Wendy, at last, replied to Dan and a new friendship bloomed. What happens next was something crazy.

An Instant Connect

Dan wished to meet Wendy in real life and invited her to a party at his place. Though there was no party actually, Dan was sure that Wendy would not accept the invite. Interestingly, Wendy accepted the invite and Dan had to arrange a party overnight. At the party, they both connected well together. They partied, danced and had an engaging chit-chat session. They shared a great chemistry and this friendship developed into something even romantic.


Initially, both Wendy and Dan were not ready for a relationship. Wendy just got out of a long-term relationship and Dan was enjoying his college and partying lifestyle, thus, they both sought to be just friends. But with time, they came extremely close and after six months they began dating. They knew that for once again love has bloomed into their lives.

Falling in Love

They knew that their friendship has taken an altogether different level when they couldn’t resist texting and meeting each other. They would hang out together and would celebrate all major occasions by each other’s side.  On one dinner night, Dan and Wendy made their relationship official. They were enjoying this new curiosity in their lives. Seven years passed and they were still in love couple. However, at this point, the couple felt a kind of monotony in their relationship and took a painful decision.