And so after he could see that she was not well, that she was physically weak, the old man knew he had to do something for her. And so, since the old man had a seat on the train, he went on to offer the seat he had to this lady. The old man told the woman that she could take his seat right after it was his time to get off.

Taking The Seat

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And since he was getting off before she did, the old man knew the least he could do for her was to offer her the seat of his. And by the time they arrived at his station, he kept his word and informed the young lady that his seat was now hers. She was grateful for the old man and happily took the seat.

Sleeping There

As the crowd was jam-packed inside the train, the old man and the lady were lucky to be able to find seats. It is tiresome to stand for even one station and to think that the lady would have to stand for more than a day was indeed shocking. When the train reached one of the stations, the old man was napping on the seat.

The Conductor

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The two of them could not wait to get down from the train and reach their destination. They really were tired of being squashed against strangers also riding the train. And as the old man was sleeping on the seat, the train conductor happened to walk around checking the tickets. He then approached the young woman.

To Check Tickets

As we all know, there are always crooks who decide to board on train and travel without tickets. As this is against the law, they need to be caught and taught a lesson. So right before the train departed from the station, the tickets are always checked. So the conductor then came near the woman to ask for her ticket.

Inspecting The Lady

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The conductor had to make sure that every passenger on the train had their tickets with them. After all, boarding a train without tickets is against the law. When he finally made his way next to the lady, he grew a little curious. When the conductor saw her stand there with the ticket she was holding, he got confused…