In China, the train is one of the most popular modes of transportation. In a crowded city, we all know that trains are flooded with people. Some folks have to stand the whole time. And even in a crowded train, there will always be kind people who will sacrifice their seats for the elderly or the needy. This old man, however, did something strange, offering his seat to a young lady…

Train Transport

So in a big city, trains are easy and quick means to get to where anyone wants to go. They are a cheap means to travel long distances. And so in China, a lot of people would often choose to take the train in order for them to get from one city to the next. Trains indeed offer easy transport, but are they the most comfortable? Certainly not.

Standing Tickets

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So places like China where the population is to the extreme, people cannot expect to have a pleasant journey. There is always a certain amount of discomfort as it is a public mode of transport. Especially during the day, these trains get jam-packed so people do not necessarily get a space to sit. There are standing tickets being sold too.

Buying The Tickets

There are several trains that service all across the country. Civilians get to use these trains to reach their destination. But China, as we all know, is crowded, so these trains usually get flooded with people eager to get to where they need. And on a random day during the springtime, one of the trains travel from Chengdu to Hangzhou.

Always Packed

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And so what train is this you ask? Well, it is called the K529 train. This train as you might have already guessed is almost always incredibly packed and people who ride on this, usually need to buy a standing ticket. And on that day, many of the passengers had to purchase the leftover standing tickets.

Elderly Guy

So this was such a hectic day for some. The filled up train was just another one among the rest that had come and gone. And so on this day, there was an elderly man who was riding the train. he had bought himself a standing ticket in order to get to the destination he wanted. He was many among the crowd on K529.

An Empty Seat

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Even though the train was indeed packed with people, he found that when he got inside, there was an empty seat. So though he thought that this train would require standing, when he got inside, the empty seat showed otherwise. The elderly guy went in and was hoping there was no one to claim the seat.