The classic debate that still remains unsettled is whether money can buy happiness or not. Some might say yes, a few might say no, but there’s no denying that money can definitely buy you the groceries. You must be wondering that why we chose groceries from all the things that money can buy. It is because the story we are going to shed light upon is about a famous celebrity who failed to pay for his groceries and was helped by a stranger who didn’t recognize him at first but when she ultimately did, something awe-inspiring happened.

Being Famous Is Not Enough

Who doesn’t fancy the idea of being famous? We all have that desire of being liked or say loved and a celebrity status entails it all. We all look up to public figures and celebrities and can’t help but be overwhelmed by the life they get to live. They are always in the limelight, and the fans go bonkers just to get an autograph or to click a selfie. However, no matter how famous one is, you simply can’t expect the whole world to know you.

Hear To The Music

How many of you are a sucker for a charming musician? It could be your favorite boy band or a girl band, an iconic rapper, or a ravishing pop-star. Would you recognize them if you were to bump into them while shopping groceries? You all must be wondering how these questions are important in relevance to this story but that’s exactly what happened when a woman stumbled upon a renowned country singer and failed to recognize him. Not that famous eh?

The Queue

This famous country singer who’s known for his music all over the world would find himself in an unwanted situation when he went out for grocery shopping. Yes, you read that right, no matter how famous you are, you still have to step outside and stand in the queue and buy your grocery. While he had not expected anything extraordinary from his trip to the Wawa store, he would soon end up experiencing a once in a lifetime situation.


The renowned singer had toured countless places and he is always recognized and appreciated no matter in which part of the world he goes. Having said that, it isn’t always the case and this musician would soon realize it when he goes grocery shopping before his concert. To our surprise, this man wasn’t on a tour in a foreign country where it would still be possible for a lot of people to not recognize him. Read further, and you’ll be amazed when you find out who this famous person is and I bet you would recognize him in a second.

Rich Man

What’s better than being famous? It’s called being famous and filthy rich at the same time. This artist has a net worth of $75 million and he had also won four Grammy awards during his career as a musician. Quite remarkable, isn’t it? However, it is impossible for him to carry all that money with him all the time and it was one day when he had to take help from an old woman and the reason will certainly surprise you.

Ahead Of A Concert

A musician performing at a concert is like a sky being blue in other news. The life of a musician is quite happening and demands a lot of travel. Who doesn’t love to travel anyway, especially when you have a whopping $75 million in your bank account? This famous singer had his own concert scheduled on Friday night in Camden, New Jersey and it was only two days ahead of his concert when he accidentally ended up in trouble.