Though Amy and Rich had been together since three years and knew that there bond was forever, they were very excited to celebrate the day that would officially bring them together for a lifetime and were really looking forward to the day. But so was someone else, who would ruin everything. 

The Dress

By now we know that Amy wanted perfection in everything she did and deciding on her wedding gown was not going to be an exception either. Amy searched for her perfect dress in a lot of stores until she finally got one! 

Big Day

Both Amy and Richard were more than ready to tie the knot when the day finally arrived. And the excitement level was at its peak because they were going to recite their vows in the same church where they first spent time together. 

The Guest List

The couple had invited only a few people to their wedding. They wanted to keep the wedding an intimate affair and only close friends and family were invited. Amy thought she knew the nature of every guest personally since it was only close people. But one of these people was going to play the worst trick on the wedding day.. 

Bridal Shower

Amy did not have a lot of time for a separate bridal shower so her bridesmaids  gathered and surrounded the soon bride-to-be. “The morning of the wedding, all the women in the bridal party cram into a tiny room in the church,” she wrote. “You know…Fifteen coats of mascara. Putting napkins under your pits so you don’t sweat on your dress.” 


Amy was really lucky to have great friends who were always by her side and completely understood what she would need and when. The group of friends was very close to each other. But someone was going to spoil it all for Amy. Would it be someone from her friends?