Your marriage is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. The only two people that the wedding preparations and day should revolve around are the bride and the groom. The bride is the most excited person who gets all the attention she desires and is really the center of attraction.

But the biggest fear every bride has is what if somebody steals her thunder on her wedding day, and what is supposed to be a great day for her is ruined forever?

The couple in this story has everything sorted, from venue to caterers and guest list. They thought they would have a perfect wedding but things were going to be far from perfect for them, and the reason would be something that we can never think that anyone could do. This wedding fail will be something we all would have never heard of.

The Couple

Amy Hill and Rich Pennza announced their engagement after having a lovely 3 years of relationship with each other. Amy moved from Oklahoma to Ohio for college, and that is where she met Rich, the love of her life.

A Ride Home

It was a day of heavy torrential rainfall that made the two fall in love with each other. Because of the rain, Amy was unable to walk back home from college and Rich offered to drop her in his car. That drive in the heavy rain made all the difference. 


After dating each other for three years, the couple had finally decided on a forever and it was time to start the preparations. But the first and foremost thing was for Rich to make Amy meet his parents and family. 


Rich had an extended family and Amy was really happy to have met all of them. But the one person that she wanted to please the most was Rich’s mother who was soon going to be her mother-in-law. 


Amy and Rich had a very unique first date. Rich took her to a friend’s wedding that was in a small and cute church of Ohio. And so, three years later, the couple decided they would tie the knot in the same church. 


Everything was planned for the wedding much in advance and it all seemed fine. Who wouldn’t want a perfect wedding? But the title of perfection was going to be far from the couple’s wedding and something never happened before would happen.