The Baby Even Changed Her Color To Blue

Brielle Was Turning Blue

 Lack of oxygen is known to affect the brain causing damage at times, it could even lead to the organs inside to lose functions and completely shut down. Not having sufficient oxygen in their body can make a situation go from serious to life-threatening, very quickly. All this happened to baby Brielle which must be excruciating to even witness.

There’s Only So Much That Doctors Could Do

There's Only So Much That Doctors Could Do

Both the nurses and the doctors did their possible best to help Brielle breathe, but tiny Brielle continued to struggle for each breath. Sadly the oxygen they provided was not getting through enough. Brielle was just not responding to their treatment. Every second count during times like these and frankly they were quickly running out of time. A NICU nurse, named Gayle Kasparian, suddenly had an idea and wasted no time.

The Nurse Had A Different Idea

The Nurse Had A Different Idea

It was such a random idea that turned out to be such a genius one. What Gayle Kasparian decided to do hadn’t been proven to work, and had actually never been done in the United States. Even if it had been documented, there is no documentation that proves so. She suggested putting Brielle in the incubator with her sister. She had a thought that suggested if the twins were kept together they might benefit from one another.

Kyrie Put Her Arm Around Her Brielle As If To Hug Her

Kyrie Put Her Arm Around Her Brielle As If To Hug Her

Almost immediately when they were kept together, a miracle of sorts happened. Kyrie put her arm around her sister as if she were giving her a hug. There was no way Kyrie knew she was even offering a ‘hug’. Side-by-side the girls laid together on their bellies. Everyone in the room glanced at them, hoping that the nurse’s “crazy” idea would actually work. After a matter of seconds, all that they had hoped and prayed for happened in the hospital room.

The Baby’s Heartbeat and Breathing Regulated

The Baby's Heartbeat and Breathing Regulated

Little Brielle was breathing normally without any help from a machine or the doctors. It appeared that the contact with her sister made her calm down enough to regulate her breathing. It is clear to see that her twin sister had indeed saved her then and there. Once she was put in the incubator, Brielle’s heart rate stabilized and her temperature went back to normal. Whatever happened inside the incubator you may be asking… Well, it is quite simple.

It’s Called The Kangaroo Effect

It's Called The Kangaroo Effect

The only thing they needed to do was keeping both the twins together in one bed. “Kangaroo care refers to the act of placing your newborn on your chest – skin to skin. It’s good for you and it’s good for the baby. Numerous studies have documented the benefits of kangaroo care. They include improved heart rate, oxygen saturation, breathing, sleep, weight gain, breastfeeding and reduced crying,” reports Akron Children’s Hospital. Their bond helped in saving each other when medical science failed.