What made the passerby stop in the middle of the road that made all the possible noise that was meant to be made. The authorities were quick enough to look at that thing that made them quick on their feet to investigate it as soon as possible because if they don’t, nothing could have saved them from the disaster that about took place which led them to take severe actions it. Police in Southern Florida received a call that made them look at it from a very different angle. However, you will scratch your heads just like the police as the story unravels. So what was there in the middle of the road that made the police intervene. You’ll find out soon.

Night Time Story

Around 9:30 pm on January 29th, the phone rang at the Pembroke Pines Public Works. As they say, night calls seldom bring good news, but in this case, the call was stranger than the average. It was something the operators have never heard of and that made the authorities really worried. They had no idea how to proceed in a situation like this but they had to check it out before something grave happened.

A Hole

 A good Samaritan saw this weird hole in the middle of the road that looked a lot like a pothole. Though when he got closer to it, they thought, yes indeed it’s a sinkhole. So, being a good citizen of Florida he phoned the proper authorities to notify them about the hole that could lead to something catastrophic. The authorities were quick on their feet to see what it was so that they could take appropriate actions. What happened next? You’ll just love the twist of this story.

Not A Sinkhole

When authorities arrived at the scene they investigated the spot and were baffled to see that it wasn’t the sinkhole but something else entirely. Suddenly they were left in the middle of the puzzle of which they had no idea how to solve it in the first place. Though they were now sure that it wasn’t a sinkhole they decided to check it out as soon as possible without further delay. They thought that it could be something more and the investigation started that led them to something really shocking.

Taking A Closer Look

Searching for the answers the crew saw a power cord that was ending somewhere but as it was too dark down there so one of the crew members who was investigating the hole couldn’t tell what it was actually. The crew knew that this wire must have an end and to check it out they asked for the old blueprints of the road so that they could tell for what purpose this wire was installed underground. Surprisingly, the blueprint had no such information. Then what was the purpose of this wire? They found out everything which turned out to be something they never thought it would be.

Calling The Police

The crew knew that this was something that was out of their hand, so they called the police and notified them about the situation. The Police were quick enough to take action on the complaint and reached the spot as earliest as possible. After checking the hole that wasn’t a sinkhole for sure because even the place admitted that. While they were investigating the hole the police turned their attention to the tree line. Now, the police were left with two mysteries, one was this hole and second was the tree line that was hiding something. What was it?

Two Holes

Hidden amongst the dense shrubbery was another mysterious hole. So, now there were two holes of which they had no idea about their existence. Their first thought about these holes was that they must have been made by some wild animals. But the question was why would some animal dig a hole in the middle of the road? If both the holes would have been in the same area where the second hole was found then the animal theory might have been true but sadly police had to scratch their head on this one and then they found out what it actually was.