The Investigation

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It is very wonderful what modern technology and a little curiosity can do. After wanting to know more about the person in the pictures, Dabros did some investigation. She soon found that this guy in the pictures was a medical officer in the Polish army named Lucas Kulczycki.  And following the war, Kulczycki shifted to Manitoba and had not taken his uniform with him there.

Research Findings

Eventually, Kulczycki moved from Manitoba to the United States to continue his medical career.

So upon further investigation, she discovered that Kulczycki moved from Manitoba to the United States in order to carry on with his medical career. Dabros also found out that Kulczycki spent some of his time living in Boston and soon he made another move to live in Washington. This is where he took up the study of cystic fibrosis and was a master in this subject.

Most Important Question

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Dabros further found a few other amazing facts about the owner of the photographs in the uniform pocket. She discovered that he went on to become a very masterful pediatrician as well. These were some of the things that Dabros could quickly dig up when it came down to the identity of the uniform owner. And then came the most important question of all. Was he still alive though?

Locating His Family

Given that Kulczycki had made a name for himself in the field of medicine, so Dabros assumed he would be easier to find.

After learning that Kulczycki had made such an impact and quite the name for himself in the field of medicine, Dabros made a quick assumption that he would be quite easier to find. Dabros felt in her heart that it would be right to give the former Polish soldier his uniform back because it was the right thing to do. So she decided that she would personally reach out to him…

70 Year Old Uniform

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After much investigation, she finally decided that it was time to find out where the Polish war soldier was. Dabros found out who his family was and then she could reach out to his daughter, Dorothy Kulczycki Schilder. So how do you think his family responded when approached by her? Well, Schilder could not believe that her father’s uniform from 7 decades ago was found.

Overwhelmed Daughter

Schilder was overwhelmed by the news that her dad's uniform had remained preserved all this time.

So when they finally go the Schilders’ residence, his daughter was in utter shock that something from her dad’s from his old life found its way to their home. She was so overwhelmed to see this at her doorstep and the news that her father’s uniform had been kept properly all this time. Dabros made it a point that the uniform was perfectly boxed.