Gone are the days when one had to wait for weekend bonanzas and awesome festive season discounts at a shop. All our favorite brands and goods are just a click away. Due to the ever-increasing demands and people’s inability to go to the stores because of their busy schedules has given birth to an amazing venture of online shopping. Every single time we place an order it seems like a gift when it’s handed over. But it’s not always like that and not until a young girl receives her gift with a note that was no gift card.

The Holiday Month

It was December and celebrations had already begun. As the Christmas approached so did the snow no matter how much they cleaned it off, the snow had covered all of the streets.

Bliss Everywhere

Though it was giving the elders a tough time at the same time kids enjoyed it to the fullest making snowmen and butterflies on the ground, they were having the best time of their lives. The bliss and celebrations were there in the aroma of the air like the fragrance of flowers when spring sets in.


April, like the other kids her age, was too excited for her holidays as well as for her gifts. This year she had just turned 13 so her gift was bound to be more special and hence was waiting for it impatiently. Without a clue that this gift was not just another gift.

An Activist

Though just 13, she was not at all like other kids, she was more sensitive to her surroundings and a vegan too. She felt deeply for animals around her and actively participated in protecting stray animals and in rescue missions in and around the city when other girls her age were deciding upon how to dress up their barbies.

The Preplanned Gift

Her parents had preplanned the gift and also requested for a note inside the gift. Though everything was anticipated, generally things don’t happen the way we want them to be all the time. So was the case with the gift that was to be delivered a day before Christmas.

December 2017

It was the winter of December 2017, which was supposed to be similar to that of all previous winters but if that would have been the case then this story wouldn’t have been written and you wouldn’t be reading it too.