Amelia Bannan was 5 months pregnant when she met with a horrible car accident. She had been laying in the hospital bed motionless, in a coma for a long time. It was a miracle that she managed to wake up from her condition, leaving the doctors speechless with no explanation. Read about the heartwarming reason as to why she woke up from her coma.

Picture Perfect

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For the then 34-year-old Amelia Bannan, it seemed as though there was nothing that could have kept her from a bright future. She lived in San Pedro, Misiones, Argentina and was living a nice life. She was blissfully pregnant with a baby who would be born later that year.

A Loving Family

Amelia Bannan and Niece - Pregnancy Miracle/Pregnant Woman
Amelia was working as a  police officer, who, on her free time, would always be around her hubby Christian Espíndola, her brother and sister, Cesar and Norma, and their kids. The Bannan family made sure to always spend some quality time with each other.

Just Another Office Day

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It was November 1, 2016, and Amelia was going about doing her work. She was in the patrol car along with her 5 co-workers. Even her husband was present there, driving the car. The officers were making their way towards a police course that had been held in one of the local towns.

Confused Driver

Amelia Bannan - Pregnancy Miracle/Pregnant Woman

So all of the 5 officers got onto the Chevrolet Onix to drive towards their main destination. But there was a problem, Amelia’s husband, Espíndola, began to get a little confused. He was not so sure of the route towards their destination and could not really pick up speed.

Tragedy Strikes

Car Crash - Pregnancy Miracle/Pregnant Woman

It was such an unexpected turn of event when the car slid, overturned, and flung onto the shoulder of the road near Santa Ana. This frightful accident happened at about 35 kilometers from Posadas in the Misiones province of Argentina.

Not Going To Make It

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Amelia Bannan and her co-workers were definitely not going to make it to their destination after all. The only person to be left with a serious injury was Amelia herself. She was the only one who had a gut feeling that something was about to terribly wrong.