No History

The practitioner asked them if their family has a history of giving birth to multiple kids and they both responded in no. They could tell only by merely looking at the face of the practitioner that something was going on in her mind. They waited for the doctor to utter something! Finally, the gynecologist enlightened the couple with a news that stunned them for a while. 

Spot It

43Bethani reminisces about how her technician rested her hand on two different areas on the screen that made her nervous. Thereafter, the technician begins counting the babies. Bethani explains “She turned the screen and started counting the babies to me. She counted baby one, baby two, baby three…”

How Many Babies

14Bethani explained “I was thinking, “Okay, you can stop at baby three. Baby three is more than enough for me, but then she counted out the fourth baby.” Tim took over from there, he said, “That’s when I just about fell over.” So, the couple was going to have four babies. Well, the chain of surprises did not end here.

A Surprise Hitting Them

5So they just had realized that they were having not one, not two, not three but four newborn babies! evidently, the couple was about to give birth to quadruplets They could not take their eyes off the sonography television. Bethani stated, “I was completely fine with whenever it ended up happening, but when we found out, we were very excited, only thinking that we were having one, not four.”

What Just Happened?

8Tim describes the moment, he said “That day with the ultrasound, when they counted out four babies, I actually felt quite faint. I had to ask for a seat because it was too much all at once for me.” Tim who initially was not prepared even for one child, suddenly realized that he’ll need to look after four babies.

Not Really Believing

38Initially, Bethani thought that the doctor is pulling her leg. Historically, it has been seen that people who give birth to multiple kids usually have the history of multiple kids in their family. But here there was no case as such. It was the first time in their family when multiple birth was going to take place.