What happened when a team of scientists went out on a mission across the Black Sea? Who could have thought that this vast sea was hiding something this big that could change everything about the past. The Black Sea has always been an intriguing place for scientists from all over the world. There are still so many unsolved mysteries hidden deep in the water. This team on their research ship was sailing across the Black Sea when they spotted something and little did they know, the team’s life was about to change forever.

Let’s begin this amazing adventure and see what did they find that people all over the world were talking about it.

Amazing Discovery

The scientists knew that there are still so many mysteries that are hidden in the depths of the sea but they weren’t expecting to find this piece of history that was lost in time only to be found by this team. This discovery became one of the world’s most extraordinary discoveries, that would tell the world about the past that was never be heard or told by any human. But the discovery was kept as a secret until they felt that the world was ready to hear about it.

Forgotten Lands

Professor and archeology expert, Jon Adams from the University of Southampton in England was leading the team. His team headed out to the Black Sea to acquire information about the survey they were doing on submerged landscapes. After the continental shift that took place billions of years ago many places were flooded by water. What we see today isn’t the way it looked in the past. The continents were separated and there were lots of places that were forgotten and the future generation never got the chance to learn about it. The survey was about making them aware of the past but instead, it was the team who met the strangest part one could meet. What was it? You’ll find out soon…

Black Sea

Adam’s team has been working hard on the survey since 2015, and each member of the team was passionate and excited because in their heart they knew they would soon create the history that would change the way we saw the world. Their quest was simple and clear. The team was given the opportunity to explore the Black Sea and find out about the lost landscapes. They had the best equipment with them that could explore the 6,000 feet below the surface of the earth. But instead, they found something else.

Best Type Of Equipment

The research was special in all sense because of the fact that since the Ice Age it was only this team that stepped foot in this place. Adam made sure that he has all the equipment which he might need during the exploration as they didn’t know how deep they had to go before they could find something for the survey. Humans have a limit as they aren’t capable of traveling any deeper than 130 feet inside the water.

Along The Sea Floor

The equipment which this team used was the most expensive in the business of underwater exploration. Adam needed the best and he was sailing with the best team and best types of equipment. The team’s vessel was installed with the finest underwater technology there was. The team operated with two ships, one was working from the off-shore through which they controlled two Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Two ROVs rode in the sea bed and sent data back to the team about the surroundings.

Specialist Equipment

The two ROV’s were different and had two very different purposes to fulfill. One was equipped with UHD cameras, bright lights that gave the team a better chance to see the surrounding. The other was installed with a laser scanner to send the data collected from the bed of the sea to the main ship to see what they were actually looking at. It was that one moment when they spotted something. Unable to believe what they were looking they decided to move forward with the investigation.