They say that one of the most challenging jobs one will ever be handed is being a parent. A life, or rather several lives, if you have multiple kids, are on the line, all on your hands. Kids have to be taken care of and a parent’s duty is to make sure they get sufficient care mentally and physically. Their social conduct and education also depend on parents. This dad made a promise to his daughter that led to an unforeseen outcome…

Anxious About Examinations

For any student, an examination is not something every kid looks forward to. And no matter where you are, living in the United States or any other country in the world, for someone in their teen years, studying is something to worry about. To prepare for major exams is indeed a dreadful time.

A Backfired Promise

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And so even for Molly Rowlands, getting her exam results in August of 2018 was a terrifying task. This was an important time in her life, a significant result awaited. She was truly nervous to see what her scores showed as she opened the envelope. It was then and there that her dad’s promise backfired…

High Aspirations

So where does Molly live? Well, she is just another teenager growing up in Rhondda, Wales. She was on the verge of completing her studies in secondary school and had just given her examination. She wanted to excel in this test because she had a few reasons for the same. This girl had a few plans of her own…

Studying Hard

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So what did Molly plan on doing after completing her secondary schooling? Well, the teenager aspired to study her A Levels which is a tough exam for students to get a general certificate of education in the U.K. She had to prepare well in order to do well in the subjects she knew she would be tested on.

No Time Off

Molly was a very determined young lady. She always wanted to do well in anything she set her mind to. And so if Molly puts her mind to achieve something, she always makes sure she delivers. And so the option of giving up was never there for her. Molly promised herself that she would get the highest grades possible.

A Determined Teen

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So since she wanted good grades, she was willing to work for it. She would set aside a few hours each night just for studying and did not even indulge in weekend activities. Molly was set on educating herself on each of the topics and the subjects as much as she could. And in the end, all her efforts would pay off.