With Belgium

Britain and France, the two most powerful European countries of those time went on to support Belgium. And there were many countries who took neutrality. Germany was one of the biggest superpowers in those days and standing against it meant complete devastation.  

The German Emperor

Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht von Preußen, famously renowned as Kaiser Wilhelm II and also the last king of Prussia reined from 1888 to 1918. He shared a very good friendship with Austro-Hungary’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He could not contain his wrath when he heard about Franz Ferdinand’s demise. It is said that Kaiser Wilhelm II was the propellant of this war. He had no doubt that the assassination of the Archduke was carried out by a secret organization.     


It is still a matter of dispute among academician whether it was his idea behind the announcement of the First World War. Wilhelm II had no intention of declaring war as he knew that the war would bring only damages with itself for the German Reich. However, the declaration of war made by Germany changed the face of the world.     

Alfred Graf Von Schlieffen

Things take a fast pace in international conflicts. The British Crown too jumped into the war against German Reich after the German army attacked Belgium, on August 4. The German army had to abide by the strategy made by the Chief of the General Staff of the German Army.  At that time the chief was Alfred Graf Von Schlieffen.

The Plan  

The German had made all the plans. According to their strategy, they were going to attack and defeat the country in a few weeks. Schlieffen came up with an army deployment plan to win the war. However, many military advisers suggested it. But Von Schlieffen did not flinch for once.

What Is It?

The plan by Schlieffen was clear. If not anyone, Schlieffen was sure about it. In order to put his plan into practice, the man needed a large amount of money. He had to move German Reich’s troops along with stocking enough food for them. As he realized that the number of soldiers was not enough, he began recruiting them from other branches.