Safe Place

Gary was Jordan’s safe place. He felt safe around him and confided in him with full trust. After all, for him, Gary was his father. He told the Daily Mail in May 2019, “I adored Gary. One of my earliest memories is sitting on his shoulders and feeling so safe and happy. It was like a giant was carrying me around.”

Life Changes

Things did not remain the same for Jordan for long. His mother and Gary split, which meant even Jordan would have to leave Gary and go away with his mother. He was taken away from his father, and he could not understand what was going on. 


The emotional state of Jordan was ignored by his mother during his childhood. The carefree nature of Julie was her decision, but to drag Jordan along in all her decisions, without thinking about him was not the right thing to do. But he never blamed his mother for anything.

New Companion

Julie had met a new man whom she was ready to welcome in Jordan’s life as well. Buster, a member of the traveling community was involved with Julie when Jordan was only a little child. Since Jordan was too young, his consent was never asked for and he would be living with a number of slew men.

New Lifestyle

Before reaching his destiny of becoming a millionaire, Jordan had also lived like a vagabond. Since his mother was living with Buster, who was a peripatetic, he also had to accept that lifestyle. He later told the Daily Mail, “I’d just started nursery school in Cornwall. Suddenly, I was traveling the country with Mum and her boyfriend Buster.” From the gypsy life,how did his life take a 180 flip?


Along with his mother and her boyfriend, Jordan traveled the whole of the UK. He had no regular childhood like the others his age. He had no permanent home, and therefore no memories related to a home would be a part of his life as he would grow up. The only fond memory that Jordan had was of Gary.