Jordan Adlard Rogers has led a life that is no less than a perfect suspense thriller which he can tell his children when they grow up. Jordan, 31, had never imagined how his life would change after a phone call. A former care worker from Porthleven, England, Jordan had struggled financially for most of his life and yet all he wished was to get a sound family.

He has a story to tell, and it’s worth listening to because it was not a simple incident like winning a lottery that had occurred in Jordan’s life. There was something else, and more to it. There’s rarely a man who becomes Batman by inheriting a million dollars overnight.


Jordan Adlard was born in December of 1987. His destiny was decided at his birth, and his life would go through a roller coaster ride before finally reaching somewhere. But the journey was far from getting started yet, and he had to face a lot of challenges before he could reach his destiny. 


Jordan’s mother, Julie Adlard, was a single mother who had decided to bring Jordan to this world when she had conceived him. Julie was a free bird, and nothing could hold her back. Jordan was conceived when Julie had a fling which didn’t last long. Even that did not hold Julie back.

New Husband

When Jordan was only 3 weeks old, Julie had decided to get married to a man that she had been seeing for some time. She married a local resident, Gary Galloway, and they decided to raise Jordan together in Cornwall, England.


Since Jordan was only 3 weeks old when his mother had married another man, he never knew about the facts of his life. For him, Gary was the man that he had been calling and also believed to be Dad since the first day when he had started to talk.

Father Figure

For Jordan, Gary was his biological father, and he had never doubted that fact as a child. Never had it crossed Julie’s mind either that she should tell Jordan the truth. She was content by the way the things were going on and did not want to disturb anything.


Julie and Gary brought up little Jordan in Cornwall. He grew up in a small terraced house in Cornwall, and even though they did not have many resources, Jordan was always a happy child with his family around him and loving him. There was not much that he needed to be happy.