A Remote Area

So what exactly happened that day Martin made his way home to Charlie? Well, it was certainly an experience that he would not forget anytime soon. He was walking all by himself on some back roads in Coulterville, California, which was a very remote area. “I didn’t know which road to take, so I just picked one,” he later described.

Spotting Something Strange

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As Martin was returning home, he could not wait to get to his darling dog, Charlie. But, he met something, rather, someone on the way home. There he spotted something strange that took his attention. “That’s when I noticed there was a dog just laying in the center of the dirt road out in the middle of nowhere,” Martin explained. The dog looked drained with its paws folded. How could he walk away?

As A Lure

Martin got a little scared of the dog like he had always been with strays. And as an attempt to clear his path, Martin threw sandwiches to the roadside in the hopes that the dog would run towards it. However, the dog refused to do so. “Shoo! Shoo!” he screamed. In another attempt to scare away the dog, Martin stomped the ground as hard as he could. But nothing happened still.

No Owner?

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After taking a closer inspection of the dog, Martin saw a leash hanging from its collar. What could this mean? He looked around but saw no signs of the dog’s owner too. What had happened to the dog and why was it lying there, motionless in the middle of nowhere? Martin got inside his car and started his engine. But his mind was still wondering why the dog behaved that way…

Gut Feeling

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And in an interview he gave later, Martin explained what exactly happened when he encountered the dog. “Something inside me said, ‘Try again,’” Martin revealed, “It was like the dog was saying, ‘Everything is wrong. My owner is around here somewhere. Don’t leave yet.’ So, I got out of the truck and started another video. That’s when I heard something.”

What A Revelation!

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And so when his gut told him not to drive off, Martin knew he had to do something. After all, he knew he would not be able to shake off the experience he had that time even if he wanted to. And so Hall got out of his car to clarify his doubt. He then followed a howling sound coming from a little further. And what he saw there was absolutely shocking. He found a dog lying beside an old man! What was going on here?