Here Is Poncho

When Chito saw the Poncho was lying there at the river bank, he knew he had to do something. He could tell that the croc was a skinny 150lbs and that it was in a critical condition. When Chito approached the croc, he found out that the croc had been shot in both the head and the left eye, which he presumed had been done by a local cattle rancher who was taking care of his herd.

Not An Option

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Even though this was clearly a very severe injury, Chito could not just leave the poor croc to die there just like that. He did not feel right about walking away from the crocodile that was nearing death. Even though it was clearly very dangerous for him, Chito did not change his decision to try and help the croc… He saw just how helpless it was, so deserting Poncho was not an option.

All That It Took

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Even though the crocodile that Chito encountered was incredibly thin at just 150lbs, he was still able to easily injure a human without much thought or problems. Since there was still a potential of getting attacked and harmed, Chito knew he had to take some precautions for himself. He decided to take on the help of a few of his friends to assist him in lifting the poor creature onto his boat to take him back home.

Taking Poncho Home

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Chito was planning on getting the crocodile back to a healthy condition in order for him to return to his natural habitat. He took the crocodile back home and proceeded on to naming him Poncho, which meant strength. The crocodile was going to need a long time for his full recovery. The man and the reptile were both determined to achieve this goal…

A Good Nurse

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Poncho then got to be taken care of by the most efficient nurse he could have ever asked for. We say this because Chito never left his side while he was trying to recover. He made it a priority to get the necessary medication to prevent infection until the wounds were able to disappear on their own. Poncho was also fed a lot of healthy food like fish and chicken.

Empathy And Compassion

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This was certainly not the end as both the man and beast quickly gained respect for each other. This must have been due to the fact that they spend so many nights side by side, sleeping together. Another big reason why Poncho would heal quickly from the tender loving care that Chito had showered him with. His empathy and compassion had managed to nurse the beast back to life.