Packing Up the Belongings

The shelter told Anthony that it might take Reggie up to two weeks to adjust to his new home so he should be patient with him. They packed all of Reggie’s belongings, which included a sleeping bed, a food bowl and a bunch of his toys and the duo was on its way home.

Abusive Past

On the drive back home, Anthony was extra careful with Reggie as he seemed to be on edge, any sudden movement would make him jump and tremble in fear. Anthony concluded that the dog might have dealt with abusive experiences which made him this scared and disturbed. 

Rough Ride

The only thing that seemed to put Reggie at ease was a tennis ball he found among his old things. He liked to sink his teeth into it. But other than that, Reggie was not a fan of this car ride away from the shelter. Anthony was hopeful once they reach home, the dog would settle in nicely. He could not have been more wrong.

Hard Experience

As Anthony pulled up in his driveway, he realized the dog is becoming restless again. He opened his side of the door but Reggie didn’t make any movement. Anthony had to carry him inside the house because he was trembling with fear and unable to step inside.

No Growth

Reggie spent the entire evening trembling in the corner underneath the sofa. Anthony couldn’t understand what he was so scared of. He knew this place was unfamiliar for the dog but it seemed like there was something else too which was bothering Reggie but he was simply unaware of it.

Buying New Things

Anthony decided to buy all brand new things for Reggie in hopes that it will bring a fresh start for the dog as staring at the old stuff will only remind Reggie of the bad experiences he had. Anthony decided to put all of his old things in the back of the garage closet because somehow throwing it all away didn’t feel right.