Finding Another Machine

He had come out of the queue but somewhere in his mind, he was regretting it because it was a Monday morning and no matter wherever he would go he would encounter a queue. But now as he had come out there was no way going back. He quickly checked his cellphone to find another ATM in the vicinity. Would he be able to find another ATM?

Jumped With Joy

Soon he found another ATM’s location on his phone and drove to the location as fast as he could. When he saw the ATM he jumped with joy as now he didn’t have to wait anymore because the ATM was empty. Now he could take out money and go home peacefully without having to wait in a long queue.

Several Thoughts

As he stepped down from his car, several thoughts were running in his mind. The ATM was empty and the guard there was half-asleep. Bobby was apprehensive regarding the proper functioning of the ATM as he stepped into the booth. He confirmed from the guard if there was any problem or not. When he confirmed that everything was fine he went ahead to withdraw some money.


When Bobby was about to insert his card in the machine, he got the surprise of his life. His eyes had become wide because he couldn’t really believe what he saw. He found $500 stuck in the ATM. At first, Bobby thought it was some sort of prank and looked in all the directions for the hidden camera. But when he couldn’t find one, other thoughts started to get heavy on his mind. Who might have left such an amount in the ATM?

Prank Or Not?

When he was confirmed that it wasn’t a prank he thought of letting the guard know because he might have seen someone coming in before him. And when he came out of the booth, the guard was still sleeping. He doubted if he even remembers him getting in the booth let alone know about someone who had come before him. Still, he asked the guard as he came out. Would he be able to give him a correct answer?


Bobby tried to wakeup the sleepy guard and asked about the last person who had used the machine, but as expected he knew nothing about the same. He even suggested him to keep the extra money and give a couple of dollars to him. He laughed at the guard loudly and patted his shoulder for suggesting such a deal. There was no doubt what the guard might have done if he had found the money instead of him. But the question remained what would Bobby do with the newly found wealth?